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Anti-Aging Solutions for the Eyes by Joshua Maniscalco The holiday season is here! There will be parties to attend. Sumptuous smells dancing in the air accompanied by decadent desserts. People bustling a little more than usual in the downtown scene. Sipping seasonal pumpkin and gingerbread lattes while strolling along Union […]

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Can a shower cure Keratosis Pilaris?


First, What is Keratosis pilaris (a.k.a. chicken skin)?
It appears as small bumps, usually on the upper arms and thighs. The harmless condition is caused by a buildup of the protein keratin that can plug hair follicles. It may worsen during pregnancy, after childbirth, or during the dry winter months.

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San Francisco facial skin care specialists


Watch our promo video and take a tour inside MedEstheticsRx, your new San Francisco skin care specialists

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How to Eliminate Dark Circles


Jeepers, creepers, where’d you get those… dark circles?!

Dark circles are prevalent on all skin colors and types, but are especially common among those with excess pigmentation in the skin. But where do they come from?

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Shaving like a Movie Star!


What’s the best way to exfoliate? How do I get rid of rough textured skin? My moisturizer feels like it doesn’t absorb. My skin feels congested. Whats’ my advice? Shave your face like Liz and Marilyn. By Joshua Maniscalco LE.

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How To Prepare For Your First Visit To MedEstheticsRx


One of the most frequent questions we are asked at MedEstheticsRx is “how should I prepare for my visit?”

With this in mind, we thought it was time we compile a list of basic esthetics tips for you to use before your first visit to an esthetician.

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